Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a Dead Man's Party: Bring Your Body In the Door

Occasionally, the unsavory idea of embalming can become quite appealing.
    (6/23/2014) Wow, could grief get any more decorative? The latest trend in good-times funerals is to get the corpse all gussied up and displayed in a realistic and relevant tableaux, as if he or she were right there having a blast, along with everyone else. The photos below are courtesy of the New York Times, from its article yesterday, "Rite of the Sitting Dead" (
    For more about the funeral-home industry's efforts to transform memorial services into multimedia bashes, with DJs, streamers and great food, read my earlier coverage ( This manipulative transformation of sadness and loss into rip-roaring festivity is chilling. It kills me!

A New Orleans woman's body is posed at her family's request, at a funeral in May 2014.
A young boxer who was shot to death is displayed at his Puerto Rico memorial service.