Sunday, March 20, 2011

Large panel of experts calls Dr. Oz's "miracles" bogus, a new study concludes

The show is all about him, and his disrespect for his audience..
    (12/20/2014) Nearly three years ago, I posted a 30,000-word expose of The Dr. Oz Show (Oz1, Oz2, and Oz3, behind the tabs above). These articles, plus those titled "Saving Face: Dr. Oz escorts us into a wrinkle-free world," and "Is there a Dr. Oz in the house? Millions of 'large ladies' eat up his miracles" have attracted tens of thousands of readers, and are still going as strong as ever.
    Now my assertions about the absurdity and fraudulence of his claims has been proven by a large group of physicians, pharmacists and other researchers from Canada, who have written in the prestigious British Medical Journal that The expert researchers were able to find "only 11 percent of the recommendations made on the show could be backed by "somewhat believable"evidence. 
     "Nearly 4 in 10 of the assertions made on the hit show appear to be made on the basis of no evidence at all," they add. In other words: He just makes things up, for your amusement and his financial health. As I have written, he has sent his huge audience of trusting women on countless scavenger hunts to buy up his latest "game changing," "astonishing," and "miraculous" products before they disappear from store shelves, which they always do. Even so, viewers remain fat, wrinkled and exhausted as ever. His "tricks" and "cheats," and his exotic potions, lotions, teas and rain forest discoveries are generally worthless.

     He is having a blast creating these commotions, and getting fabulously wealthy doing it. He is positively shameless.   

   The true impact of the purported benefit of his "secret" revelations was discussed in fewer than 20 percent of cases, the experts concluded. Possible harms or side effects came up less than 10 percent of the time, and potential conflicts of interest were mentioned in less than 1 percent of cases. I have extensively documented that most of his "breakthrough" discoveries  are disparaged by respected colleagues and even deemed to be dangerous, in some cases.
    "The whole exercise left the researchers to ponder “whether we should expect medical talk shows to provide more than entertainment,” according to the Los Angeles Times.
    Oz really isn't even entertaining anymore. Most of what he's doing currently consists of celebrity interviews, silly games and rehashes of his earlier programs.
   He's a cute guy, with a modest, warm appeal, but the fraud he perpetuates on his loyal followers overshadows his charisma. He should be ashamed of himself. In fact, he should probably be prosecuted for his betrayal of his fans, and of his medical ethics.
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