Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This has gotten old, says Elderly Girl

"I want to be alone."
    (feb. 14, 2013) Elderly Girl has flown the coop. She needed space. She wanted her own place. Frankly, we're surprised she hung out in this gaudy, clamorous venue for as long as she did, surrounded by ordinary people, slapstick theorizing, chronic diseases and confounding issues.
    She has ensconced herself in a new domain, "The Elderly Girl Experience" (,where her autonomy and solitude can be protected.
Immortality is exhausting already.
      She has no new adventures under way -- she is still embroiled in the tiresome process of becoming "The First Immortal."
    Her Anonymous Foundation and Class Warfare Swat Brothers team are forging ahead, of course. Right on, dudes! Love your outfits!
    Feel free now and then to take a peek at how our defiantly immature yet oddly endearing friend is doing. Just don't let her know you're there. (