Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Excess Baggage of Dr. Mehmet Oz

See the sags and bags, the wrinkles (no twinkles) for yourself!
Dr. Mehmet Oz shares his eye bags and beauty tips in a visit to Salt Lake City on December 9.
    (Dec. 15, 2013) Do you ladies remember all those astonishing, miraculous, effortless, surefire cures for under-eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles that Dr. Oz has bestowed upon us all these years? The spritz of rosewater, the sprigs of parsley, the teabags and cucumber, the yogurt and sea urchin, and even the Preparation H? Don't forget the tart cherry juice, the chard, the astaxathtin, and the brandy/milk concoction. It goes on.
    As I noted in an earlier post, a reporter who met him in New York noted that Oz has quite the bags and wrinkles himself. "He more than looks his age, and he has very dark circles," the writer added. 
    Even so, I was taken aback to see Oz when he was in town last week for a ski getaway. He is painfully scrawny -- virtually frail. His skin is pale and not glowing. His hair is dyed a terrible shoe-polish brown, and it was held up by some sort of super-strength mousse. He has apparently not managed to use his "3 easy steps" to achieve "perfectly restorative and restful" sleep. He seemed totally pooped.
    But then there were the eyes. I have never seen baggier bags. I have never seen darker circles. I have rarely seen more wrinkles, even under the eyes of men decades older. 

Oz has makeup on here, and his hair isn't dyed, but you see the vague outline of the wrinkly bags.
    I don't care about Dr. Oz's appearance. He's a cute guy, even though he's getting sleazier every year. But why haven't these delightful cure-alls helped him? Why is he baggy and wrinkly, when he insists that it's undesirable and unnecessary?



    As I have repeatedly made clear, I think Oz's emphasis on thwarting the normal aging process is unhealthy and very disrespectful to women. And the fact that he is becoming fabulously rich by loading women up with "ancient" and "secret" cures that simply don't work is a travesty.
    I assume that he's fundamentally a good doctor. We should force him to focus on his areas of expertise and stop jerking his trusting, ever-hopeful female audience around. 
    It's cruel, you fool.
    (He also claims you can "just sit there and lose weight." Why doesn't he tell his wife to "just sit there"?)
    Being overweight doesn't just decimate your self-esteem and limit your lifestyle choices, according to him. "It's a death sentence," he warns.
Poor, lovely Lisa. She's been sentenced to death.