Friday, November 25, 2011

"NO THANKS" Giving: Don't binge -- purge!!

    I have nothing against Thanksgiving, even though I think most of us realize that's it's just another excuse for overeating -- and another major burden on women, who are already collapsing under the weight of their responsibilities. Still, giving thanks is a nice thing to do.
    But to balance things out, I believe we need a day for giving "no thanks" -- a day that encourages people to vent the resentment, rage, irritation, exasperation, betrayal, jealousy and frustration that they are obliged to stifle in their everyday lives.

     I propose a day of "No Thanks" Giving.
    The world is filled with people who are required to be upbeat and polite to keep their jobs, no matter what kind of crap gets thrown their way. Millions of people endure humiliation and harassment, ridicule and racism, to stay beneath the radar of their overlords. They face regimentation, capricious rules and are disrespected as if they were untrustworthy schoolchildren. I bet they feel like HOWLING.
I demand to be treated with DIGNITY!

    I am tired of being told to have a nice day (stop telling me what to have!). 
    But think what a pain it is for those who are required to utter these inane phrases hundreds of times a day -- and also to apologize profusely for errors or defects that are not their fault, as customers shower them with gripes. If they aren't being treated badly, they're treated like nonentities. Their humanity is totally ignored. They live their entire working lives with a sense of unfairness and a lack of respect and consideration. They must feel like SCREAMING. 
I AM somebody!
     We encounter clueless fools, bimbos and assholes in our neighborhoods and on the highway and wherever else it is that all you people are driving to incessantly (polluting mindlessly). We endure an economy in which customer service has become a total joke and in which it is almost impossible to TALK TO A PERSON on the telephone. We roll our eyes as pinheaded prima donnas  presume to inform us about current events on the news. They make me feel like BLOWING THEM AWAY.
Grow up, get some class, leave me the hell alone!
     It seems that women are particularly prone to keep their "negative" emotions suppressed, which is probably why they take so many sedatives, antidepressants and sleeping pills. Both religion and culture have terrorized them into biting their tongues -- remaining "sweet and humble" -- whatever slights, hurts or injustices befall them. They must feel like PUNCHING SOMEONE IN THE FACE.
    Should we be thankful to live in a country that is fair, humane, peaceful, principled and effective?
    I wish! But let's be real.
    Should we be thankful for our culture, which is adolescent, demeaning, stupid, narcissistic and vulgar, and which promotes pathetic values and behaviors?
    I don't think so! I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!
    If only it were that easy.
    I have no interest in abolishing Thanksgiving -- y'all go ahead...I'm staying here, eating rice and beans -- but I advocate a holiday for venting, for purging, for busting out with all the stomped-down pain and anger that encumber most of us during the rest of the year. 
Looks like Abu Ghraib to me.
      It's bad for our bodies and our minds to be so bottled up. If we can't get real revenge, let's get us a reasonable facsimile -- some "virtual revenge."
    Our culture spends quite a bit of money on other holidays -- think of yuletide lights and Fourth of July fireworks.
    What if we invested a meager amount of resources for a National Day of Purgation --  the aforementioned "No Thanks" Giving?
    It would be almost like providing a massive vomitorium, at which we could hurl forth with our accumulated agony and bitterness.
Whatever happened to the delightful vomitoriums of yesteryear?
     Each "No Thanks" venue could have a Primal Scream room, an irresistible lineup of punching bags, Fighting Cages for the hard-core ragers, a shooting range with exploding pumpkin heads left over from Halloween, an old car that people could beat to death with hammers and axes, pinatas personifying our elected officials, whom we could smack until they fell apart (no candy inside, just empty promises).
Kicking some ass can feel so dang good!
    As for Thanksgiving, I don't need it. I am so pathetically grateful every day for everything: for all the good things that happen to me and for the fact that the bad things aren't worse. I am practically prostrate with gratitude for every bit of beauty, pleasure, humor, insight, security and affection that I happen to experience.
    So every day is Thanksgiving for me.