Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jon Huntsman Jr. -- America's Next Top Spokesmodel?

    Usually, in politics, when the term "portfolio" is used, it refers to the office and functions of an administration official.
    Jon Huntsman Jr.'s portfolio, however, is more like the collection of fashion shots that a trim and ambitious young model lugs from one prospective client's office to another. His portfolio on Facebook is a vast and adoring tribute to himself. ( http://www.facebook.com/jonhuntsmanjr?sk=photos) As of this morning, it featured a staggering 260 photographs of him. He even got one with the Dalai Lama!

    Huntsman's Facebook page, which recently included a mere 32 ruggedly handsome and earnest photos, has decided to just totally go for it, without regard to dignity or modesty -- just GET THAT GORGEOUS FACE OUT THERE in all its "iterations" -- sober, lighthearted, husbandly, daringly adventurous, poised, pensive, cool, majestic, deeply concerned and thrillingly authoritative.
    So if you want to fill your brain right up to the rim with images of this hugely self-loving man, you can really, really Do It, by using his wonderfully narcissistic assemblage of  images.
    If that doesn't make you faint with pleasure -- or something (?) -- I don't know what will.
   (The petty, obnoxious photo/ads I mentioned in my earlier Huntsman post remain, despite his claim to be the "civility" candidate. What a joke.
    There is a picture of him -- looking ravishing and revved up astride his huge Harley -- that is captioned  “presidential hopeful,” while next to him is a photo of Barack Obama, looking kind of  scrawny and clueless on a bicycle, that is is captioned  “presidential hopeless.” Huntsman is just being a total ass!
    There is also a very creepy feature that is made to appear like an entry from a dictionary. The definition of “presidential” is equated with him and his qualities, alongside his photo, while the definitions for “unpresidential” include the phrase “see also ‘Obama‘.”
    A sort of bookmark format is also highlighted on his personal Facebook page to declare that he is indeed the president, having assumed office in January, 2013, and disingenuously cites Wikipedia as its source.
   Grow up, Huntsman!)