Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jon's Named a Whole Generation After Himself (what's next?)

    As if being a ravishing spokesmodel weren’t enough to quench the thirst of Jon Huntsman  Jr.’s ego, he has suddenly decided to name an entire generation after himself.
    You remember Generation X, don’t you, and the several generations that have succeeded it?
     Huntsman has declared that we're all a part of "Generation H," as if he were running the world already.  It's a generation that rocks! Cool!
    And the “H” doesn’t stand for Hogwash, at least not in his mind.

    A new online form soliciting donations for the Huntsman for President campaign is headed by the declaration:  “Invest in Generation H. The election of a truly different president.”
    Why do all these guys, Obama included, say they’re going to be truly different, when in fact they are truly more of the same?
    One little problem with the "Generation H" moniker (or maybe it makes perfect sense) is that it’s already being used by a couple of rather tawdry national businesses.
    One of them is a work-from-home-and-get-rich pyramid scheme whose motto is:
"Generation H: Find a New Direction!"
This is a perfect match for Jon's dreams, and the company's promotional material does sound as if it’s part of Jon’s campaign rhetoric:
    “Become part of a worldwide community made up of people like you! Inspire and be inspired, as you party with successful GenH-ers on the road to success. Generation H is about more than making money; its about helping other people and making a difference to their lives.”
    Maybe Jon should just get a job there, and leave the rest of us alone.
    Then there is Herbalife's "Generation H," which is comprised of those under the age of 30 who have become successful Herbalife distributors. Herbalife, yet another Ponzi multi-level sales outfit, is so notorious that it feels the need to answer the question “Are you a cult?” on its website.
    If only it were, Jon could be its leader and LEAVE AMERICA ALONE!
    All of us, even the right-wing wackos, must rise up and refuse to permit this aging Ken doll to name our generation after himself.
    I’m joining Generation P -- and “P” is for pissed!